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Welcome To Park Place!

PARK PLACE by Laser Tech introduces a wonderful new community!  These lovely town houses reflect a variety of European-influenced architectural styles.  They are the start of a new street of dreams for your collection.  Your neighborhood can be as diverse as you imagine, or as good as the memory of your childhood community.  The unfinished kits can assume an elegant, classic air, or a homey, folksy feel.  And you are not limited to completing these kits as houses; think about the deli or bakery down the street with living quarters above, the vintage bookstore next to the brownstone apartment house, or the candy store where the boys and girls gathered.  The floor plans are open and feature room dividers so you can create your own interior layout.  Let your imagination run free with these versatile kits...finish them with stucco, brick  or siding.  Laser Tech created these kits, but you'll provide the ambiance.  These products are proudly made in the USA.

Each kit has the following quality features:
-Parts made of 1/4" MDF & Baltic Birch plywood
-Laser cut parts with precision tab-and-slot design for easy assembly
-Two room dividers allow you to design the floor plan
-Detailed instructions
Accessories and landscaping items shown are not included.

A. #945 PARK PLACE includes door with engraved acrylic panel, windows with acrylic inserts, and complete laser cut exterior front entry parts as shown
14"W x 32"H x 18.5"D     

B. #944 PARK PLACE includes a double door and windows with acrylic inserts, laser cut exterior stairs and fancy roof trim
14"W x 31 1/2"H x 18 1/2"D     

C. #943 PARK PLACE includes door with engraved acrylic panel, windows with acrylic inserts, laser cut apex trim, balcony, exterior stairs and stair rails
14"W x 32"H x 18 1/2"D     

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